Spear Foundation
An Affiliate of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
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SPEAR Signature Programs
Below are a few of SPEAR’s signature programs which can be modified for use in your community. While we will support the use of these programs, we are willing to consider new initiatives.
Leadership and Development Empowering Sisters (LADES©)
A Rites of Passage Guidance Program that will help each individual through her own efforts discover her best talents for personal and social usefulness. The program is a preventive and/or intervention approach to empower youth with the knowledge, skills and abilities to transition successfully from adolescence into adulthood.
Wee Savers and Investors©
Our workshops are developed to introduce young people to the concepts of saving and investing in their futures. Representatives from financial institutions are often workshop co-sponsors and help introduce personal finance management concepts.
Soles for Little Souls©
SPEAR Foundation collects and distributes shoes and/or funds for shoes to select community based organizations and elementary to high school students.